Battling the so- called DEFEATS!!

images girl

Life has never been simple, Be it for you, me or even for our heart throb Ranbir,  but the catch is how do we still love it, how do we still live it. How come it never occurs to us that we still are a survivor, we are no different than a warrior who stands with vigor in-spite of all that he has been through. Well it did make me realise that i am kinda loving it- the tension, the anxiety and that feeling of fulfillment when all that ends. Who doesn’t like a drama free life, the sweet and simple one, but then does it give you a rush??  I mean think about all that you’ve gone through, may be the breakup that crushed you to the core and you thought this was it, that fight with your Dad, that zero in your test, that interview which never converted into an offer letter. All those times when you thought, ‘this is it, I can’t take it anymore’  but bang on!! life never is the same and you moved on leaving all your defeats behind after-all you fought brave and here you are reading this post. So the mantra of the day… NEVER give up.. i mean literally NEVER because life isn’t that unfair. So, when you go to sleep tonight put that bloody problem you’ve been pondering on for hours, on hold for maybe LATER 😉


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