Kill Your Insecurities!!

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Here is to that one person in my life, who’d be cherished forever!!

So people, how does it feel to have that one person who’s the only one you’ve ever wanted in your life, to be standing there- right there in front of you, wanting you, loving you, needing you, may be more than you have ever needed him. Seeking nothing but love.
And then there you are, feeling the same but drowned in all your insecurities (In my case there were many, Oh! am so ugly, am so fat, he’s pretty , Oh! why is he so pretty, he deserves better.. and it can go on for ever:D ). Well those insecurities are so deep that no one, absolutely no none can pull you out from that. What a sorry state of affairs. He never got to know your feelings he never got to know how deeply you loved him. Well may be in order to hide your insecurities you made him feel awful and he, like any bright sunny day, LEFT, left for his own good with which went away your dream guy and your very own fairy tale right before it started. What a masterpiece!!
Well that’s what I am and that’s what I do. I do not wait for others to ruin my life. I am so self sufficient that I do it myself and trust me it is probably the only thing I am good at. Well then what happened to that dream guy? well he found his dream girl, a very pretty girl, which honestly I can never be. But I was me and maybe at that point of time, he liked me for me. So people, here’s a time for Moral Of The Story 😀 Hold onto that one person, so tight that your nothing can’t budge it. And your insecurities? Well throw them away, far far away, and with them, throw away your doubts, your ego, anything and everything which is capable of jeopardising your life, your career, your family. Always remember life never gives you a second chance but a lot many regrets. So live in the moment and always believe in yourself.

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