My Messy Fussy Life!

I am a drama queen, we all are, Right? ‘This didn’t happen right, that didn’t go well as planned’. So many fusses and we end up saying ‘my life is a mess’. People who know me hear this almost everyday. Well they ought to, because my life really is a ‘mess’. I am single and lonely, I’ve spent five years and lakhs of rupess in my graduation, yet I am unemployed. People I like are drifting away, my strengths have become my weaknesses, my confidence is bottom low and honestly, to sum up nothing is going right in my life. So isn’t my life a ‘mess’? It ought to be Right?

Well probably No , it isn’t. It isn’t as bad as I make it look. Inspite of being unemployed, I have a loving family which is a constant support. I have friends who’d do more than a guy would ever do for me. I have a fairly comfortable and entertaining life. So no my life shouldn’t be called a ‘mess’.

But yes, I’d agree that I still feel there is something lacking, something very important is missing.I want a well paid job. I want the guy I like. I want to party, I want to have fun. I want to be successful and happy. But guys it will happen someday. Someday, very soon, on a set time and at a set place when I’d be least expecting it. It will happen. But till then I’ll wait and work my ass off to achieve my goals and I believe things will eventually, definitely fall into place and that day it will all make sense.

Till then my life isn’t a ‘mess’. It is a journey of experiences filled with hurdles and traps and temptations and what not. But Remember! all as a part of experience. So live every single day fully. Do not give up easily rather work hard to reach your goals and you’ll find meaning to your life which would be worth of every single struggle that you’ve encountered.

Till then Rock On guys!!




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