The Average Kindaa BEST :D

In your life you come across a lot many people who you think are better than you. Some you believe to be and some you don’t. Everyone is best at atleast something, but what happens when your best is not better than others best. What to do when your best is only average from other’s point of view. How do you become even better than them. Do you fight for it under societal pressures, peer pressure, careers, jobs everything or would you rather sit back and relax, waiting for your time to come. After all its a popular saying  ‘If one thing is taken away that’s maybe because there is something better in store.’

So find out these mysteries of life but never give up!!







My Messy Fussy Life!

I am a drama queen, we all are, Right? ‘This didn’t happen right, that didn’t go well as planned’. So many fusses and we end up saying ‘my life is a mess’. People who know me hear this almost everyday. Well they ought to, because my life really is a ‘mess’. I am single and lonely, I’ve spent five years and lakhs of rupess in my graduation, yet I am unemployed. People I like are drifting away, my strengths have become my weaknesses, my confidence is bottom low and honestly, to sum up nothing is going right in my life. So isn’t my life a ‘mess’? It ought to be Right?

Well probably No , it isn’t. It isn’t as bad as I make it look. Inspite of being unemployed, I have a loving family which is a constant support. I have friends who’d do more than a guy would ever do for me. I have a fairly comfortable and entertaining life. So no my life shouldn’t be called a ‘mess’.

But yes, I’d agree that I still feel there is something lacking, something very important is missing.I want a well paid job. I want the guy I like. I want to party, I want to have fun. I want to be successful and happy. But guys it will happen someday. Someday, very soon, on a set time and at a set place when I’d be least expecting it. It will happen. But till then I’ll wait and work my ass off to achieve my goals and I believe things will eventually, definitely fall into place and that day it will all make sense.

Till then my life isn’t a ‘mess’. It is a journey of experiences filled with hurdles and traps and temptations and what not. But Remember! all as a part of experience. So live every single day fully. Do not give up easily rather work hard to reach your goals and you’ll find meaning to your life which would be worth of every single struggle that you’ve encountered.

Till then Rock On guys!!



SHOUT OUT!! to the Love Of My Life!!

Nitin Jain

Well I know you don’t remember me now or the time when we were friends but I’d like to believe that you do. I want to believe that you still think of me. Whenever someone says ‘whatever’, my name crosses your mind. Or may be whenever the song is played which you’d once dedicated to me, you realise that you still feel the same. I imagine myself saying ‘yes’ to you that day and how things could have been different. I wonder how things could have taken a different turn, had I attended that wedding. What if i had agreed to meet you that day in Jaipur. What if I stood a little longer on that porch. What if we were together. I keep thinking this. I keep replaying those conversations in my head and see if I could have said something, something to make you stay. But there aren’t any second chances in love. There is no place for ‘if’ in love. And love does happen twice but definitely not with the same person. And so I know you are never coming back. We can never be there again. And so there isn’t any need for continual flashbacks which keep happening. Sometimes I wish I get over you and stop thinking about you. But then there are times when I don’t want to let go off imaginary you and my real feelings. Now that I think about it, it comes across as sad and depressing but then I really can’t do anything about it. I can’t stop feeling about you. I can’t stop imagining a world where we are together. A world where you love me care for me like you did before. And you thought of no one but me. Alas that world doesn’t exist. But that doesn’t mean it never will. I still believe we will meet someday at the right day
, right moment and right time. Not when I want to or expect to see you. But some day when I least expect it. And that day I’ll know if my imaginations were real or that was just my stupid brain playing cruel game with my heart. Until then these imaginations are part of me. You are part of me. I am done hating you. You don’t deserve hatred, cuz you’ve done no harm. You deserve all the happiness, and how I wish that’s with me. But again I’ll wait for that one day to know if it’s real.



Kill Your Insecurities!!

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Here is to that one person in my life, who’d be cherished forever!!

So people, how does it feel to have that one person who’s the only one you’ve ever wanted in your life, to be standing there- right there in front of you, wanting you, loving you, needing you, may be more than you have ever needed him. Seeking nothing but love.
And then there you are, feeling the same but drowned in all your insecurities (In my case there were many, Oh! am so ugly, am so fat, he’s pretty , Oh! why is he so pretty, he deserves better.. and it can go on for ever:D ). Well those insecurities are so deep that no one, absolutely no none can pull you out from that. What a sorry state of affairs. He never got to know your feelings he never got to know how deeply you loved him. Well may be in order to hide your insecurities you made him feel awful and he, like any bright sunny day, LEFT, left for his own good with which went away your dream guy and your very own fairy tale right before it started. What a masterpiece!!
Well that’s what I am and that’s what I do. I do not wait for others to ruin my life. I am so self sufficient that I do it myself and trust me it is probably the only thing I am good at. Well then what happened to that dream guy? well he found his dream girl, a very pretty girl, which honestly I can never be. But I was me and maybe at that point of time, he liked me for me. So people, here’s a time for Moral Of The Story 😀 Hold onto that one person, so tight that your nothing can’t budge it. And your insecurities? Well throw them away, far far away, and with them, throw away your doubts, your ego, anything and everything which is capable of jeopardising your life, your career, your family. Always remember life never gives you a second chance but a lot many regrets. So live in the moment and always believe in yourself.

Battling the so- called DEFEATS!!

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Life has never been simple, Be it for you, me or even for our heart throb Ranbir,  but the catch is how do we still love it, how do we still live it. How come it never occurs to us that we still are a survivor, we are no different than a warrior who stands with vigor in-spite of all that he has been through. Well it did make me realise that i am kinda loving it- the tension, the anxiety and that feeling of fulfillment when all that ends. Who doesn’t like a drama free life, the sweet and simple one, but then does it give you a rush??  I mean think about all that you’ve gone through, may be the breakup that crushed you to the core and you thought this was it, that fight with your Dad, that zero in your test, that interview which never converted into an offer letter. All those times when you thought, ‘this is it, I can’t take it anymore’  but bang on!! life never is the same and you moved on leaving all your defeats behind after-all you fought brave and here you are reading this post. So the mantra of the day… NEVER give up.. i mean literally NEVER because life isn’t that unfair. So, when you go to sleep tonight put that bloody problem you’ve been pondering on for hours, on hold for maybe LATER 😉